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Zoo: Feeding the Giraffes

Feeding the Masai giraffes at the San Diego Zoo.

In all of my many trips to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, one thing I had yet to do was feed the giraffes. I had always intended on it, but it just never seemed to materialize. Last weekend, I finally made it happen. Read on for the ins and outs of giraffe feeding.

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Zoo: Festival of Flight Tweet-Up

Once again, Twitter followers of the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park were treated to a unique backstage experience. The tweet-up was part of the larger Festival of Flight event that took place over Veteran’s Day weekend. It included interactive activities, learning booths and tons of close encounters with birds from around the world. Watch the video above, then read on to see photos and get a better idea of what you’re seeing. Continue reading

Zoo: New Resident in the Urban Jungle

Following a hot tip from my buddy Spencer that the giant anteaters had been removed from their home at the zoo near the rhinoceroses, I made a quick trip to check it out on my lunch break. He was correct about the exodus of the anteaters, and in their place is a red river hog. But that’s not all.

I decided to poke around the Urban Jungle for a bit, and what I found was another reason why going frequently to the zoo is a rewarding experience.

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