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Zoo: Reptile Walk Opening Day

The signage for the San Diego Zoo’s newly opened Reptile Walk.

To celebrate July 4th, I decided to take a trip to the San Diego Zoo to experience the opening day of their new Reptile Walk area. While there, I tried to remember what I had done on July 4th the previous year. Oddly enough, I did the exact same thing. I went to the zoo that day to take photos of the zoo’s old reptile and amphibian houses for a post about their collection of tropical frogs. Strange how things work out. Anyhow, read on to view the slideshow of the zoo’s newest attraction. Continue reading


Zoo: Tropical Frogs

The aptly named azureus is one of the most recognizable poison dart frogs. Photo courtesy of JoshK.

I always enjoy looking at the zoo’s collection of tropical frogs, most notably their poison dart frogs. Some of this has to do with the fact that I have been in the dart frog hobby for several years now. In fact, I even have a trio of Dendrobates tinctorius–its common name is the blue dying dart frog–which the zoo has on display. What I enjoy even more is watching people react excitedly to seeing the colorful frogs.

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