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Zoo: Australian Outback and More

Clearly one of Asia's finest, a domestic Bactrian camel.

When I first conceived of this blog about a year ago, I envisioned cruising around the zoo and Safari Park and returning home to update readers about new comings and goings. I’ve done a bit of this, but I’ve also spent a lot of time highlighting specific areas and/or experiences for people who have never been to the zoo. This will be the first of a new type of entry that will read more like a trip journal than would a comprehensive guide to, oh I dunno, the Children’s Zoo. Read on for what I discovered this weekend.

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Zoo: Festival of Flight Tweet-Up

Once again, Twitter followers of the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park were treated to a unique backstage experience. The tweet-up was part of the larger Festival of Flight event that took place over Veteran’s Day weekend. It included interactive activities, learning booths and tons of close encounters with birds from around the world. Watch the video above, then read on to see photos and get a better idea of what you’re seeing. Continue reading

Fun With Photoshop

In honor of my new Facebook page, it has been determined that it’s time to have a little fun. Here are some photos taken recently at the zoo and Safari Park by my girlfriend and me. Except I decided to run them through the Photoshop carwash. Check them out below, then add your own stylized images on my Facebook in the Photoshop Gallery.