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Zoo: Garden Fest Tweet-Up

Zookeeper Kelli balances a female New Guinea stick insect while pointing out the males on display.

The Garden Festival was a recent weekend-long event at the San Diego Zoo to bring the flora and fauna of our backyard into the spotlight, hosted over Mother’s Day weekend. There where many booths lined up along Front Street that were offering gardening tips, hands-on demonstrations and special sales. Special behind-the-scenes experiences offered tours of the zoo’s extensive collection of vegetation from around the globe. The zoo also decided to organize a tweet-up for their loyal Twitter followers, but what was the subject matter?

Read on to find out.

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Zoo: Jungle Bells is Here

The Jungle Bells sign beckons onlookers to enter.

For the past several years, the Zoological Society of San Diego has featured its main holiday events at the San Diego Zoo. This comes after years of hosting the Festival of Lights at the Wild Animal Park, as it was called at the time. Read on for tales of holiday cheer and extended hours.

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Zoo: Children’s Zoo Pt. 2 – Activities

The Petting Paddock brings you up close to a variety of barnyard animals.

The first part of my guide to the Ione and Paul Harter’s Children’s Zoo at the San Diego Zoo was teased as evidence that the area isn’t just for kids. While that’s certainly true, there is also a very family-friendly atmosphere at the Children’s Zoo that many parents should take advantage of. Hands-on interactions, learning opportunities and places to burn off some energy abound. Read on to find out more. Continue reading

Zoo: Children’s Zoo Pt. 1 – Animals

A scarlet macaw interacts with guests at the Children's Zoo.

This is the first part of what will be a multi-part, comprehensive guide to the Ione and Paul Harter’s Children’s Zoo at the San Diego Zoo. Many of you may be wondering why the Children’s Zoo needs a comprehensive guide. One reason is that it’s a pretty big area that has many diverse attractions. The more important reason is that adults with no children routinely skip the Children’s Zoo because they assume there is nothing for them there. Read on to find out what you may have been missing. Continue reading