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Safari Park: Butterfly Jungle Tweet-Up

To celebrate the opening of the annual, month-long Butterfly Jungle event, the Safari Park had planned to host a special preview exclusive to Twitter followers with cool insect experiences and a private stroll amongst the butterflies. However, something, something, Of Mice And Men and plans.

Rather than going down a week before the event was opened to the public, the tweet-up was postponed until Sunday, April 1 at 5 p.m. Since Butterfly Jungle was already accessible to anyone with park admission, the plan was to still offer some up-close bug encounters and maybe a little education from the Safari Park’s wonderful and knowledgeable keepers. However, something, something, Of Mice And Men and plans again.

Maybe it was because 100 freaking people showed up! There were like seven people that attended the Cheetah Run Tweet-Up last June––and three of them were in my group. Seriously, we were two feet away from a cheetah. No offense to butterflies, but c’mon …

So since the aviary was teeming with people, the education and stick insect ogling didn’t happen. Instead, we got to enjoy Butterfly Jungle without too much of a wait. Scroll down for some photos, and read last year’s entry for more details (my first post!).

On your way out, check out the official photo contest on the SP’s Facebook page with images that are far, far, far better than mine.


Safari Park: Bats!

Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve been hyping the opening of the new bat house at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park since last spring. Well, after a few delays, the new bat house is open for business and I was able to check it out last weekend. Read on for my thoughts. Continue reading

Safari Park: Cheetah Run

Amara reaches speeds of up to 70 mph at the Safari Park’s new Cheetah Run.

The fastest animal on land is on full display at the Safari Park. Opening this July, the park’s new and improved Cheetah Run showcases the incredible speed and grace of this large African cat (Acinonyx jubatus), as well as its impressive ability to stop pretty quickly and be a good kitty. And we got to preview it with VIP treatment!

Continue on for photos and video of the run!

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Fun With Photoshop

In honor of my new Facebook page, it has been determined that it’s time to have a little fun. Here are some photos taken recently at the zoo and Safari Park by my girlfriend and me. Except I decided to run them through the Photoshop carwash. Check them out below, then add your own stylized images on my Facebook in the Photoshop Gallery.

Safari Park: Butterfly Jungle Is Back

A monarch butterfly at the Safari Park's Butterfly Jungle.

Perhaps the Safari Park’s most popular annual event, the month-long Butterfly Jungle exhibit has returned. The attraction takes place in the Hidden Jungle aviary, which is located in the Gorilla Forest area according to the park’s new zoning scheme. Saith the website, this year’s theme is “Metamorphosis”, which is kind of a no-brainer and is probably the perpetual theme. (What else is it going to be, “Fluttering”?)

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